Chris Zwermann

Economic background

with 50 years of market experience

I already traded stocks at the Frankfurt exchange during my bank apprenticeship (1968). In my diploma thesis (1974) I addressed the effectiveness of central bank economic steering.

International background – key steps

+ Business studies in Gießen 
+ Study of economics in Edinburgh, Scotland 
   (under the auspices of Ralf Dahrendorf, among others) 
+ 50 years of global financial market experience at the following institutions:

+ Chase Manhattan Bank (Frankfurt, New York, London)
+ Manufacturer Hanover Trust Frankfurt, 
   International Customers 
+ Swiss Bank Corporation Frankfurt, Head of FX Sales 
+ Sal. Oppenheim jun. & Cie, major customers 
   (risk management) 
+ Zwermann Financial since 2002 (your navigator)

+ Regular media appearances (TV, radio, press) since 1995