Trading Ideas

Each week more than 70 charts covering different asset classes are studied and re-evaluated. This analysis involves an in-depth look at the correlations between the individual markets.

Time and again, comprehensive assessment of the markets helps trigger new trading ideas for each individual market. Trading ideas can thus be considered as the result of many overlapping market movements.

In most cases these trading ideas concern short term opportunities, but they may also establish the groundwork for long term investments – for instance, when one would like to invest in a particular market but prefers to wait for a more suitable entry point. For such scenarios the combination of market technical analysis (price level) and course-of-events analysis (time cycles) can be very helpful.

Weekly chart updates can be found under the Section Trading Ideas. More detailed coverage is available in the weekly market analyses.

Current Idea

Global Dollar down-trends, for longer

USDCHF  (swiss) has broken a 5 year support at 0,9200

The target of this break will be 0,8100

In 2015 the Swiss National Bank had given up to support the Dollar.

Today they will not support the USD at all.

Good luck

Chris Zwermann