Zwermann Financial - the company

Zwermann Financial was founded in 2002 by Chris Zwermann. Zwermann Financial offers analyses of the global economies and capital markets.

The results of these analyses form the basis for worldwide investment strategies and risk management services.

Zwermann Financial advises major corporations, investment companies, funds, families and private investors in many countries.

In Germany, three Dax companies are among the customers of Zwermann Financial.

A special feature of Zwermann Financial consists of its holistic analyses (see Products) and emphasis placed on the chronological order of events (time cycle analysis). Zwermann Financial has extensive experience and top-level competence in the field of currency management.

Our risk management services range from basic economic analyses to conclusive hedging proposals for interest rates, currencies or commodities. The various products are described in detail in the Product Section. Chris Zwermann’s market opinion is aired on television (DerAktionärTV) each week.